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Social inclusion

Lesbian Visibility Week 2024

This Lesbian Visibility Week, read about Queen from Nigeria, and her journey to acceptance after coming to the UK.

Leaving Kyiv
Moving on

From Kyiv to the UK

Learn how Micro Rainbow helped a gay doctor from Kyiv escape persecution and find safety in the UK. Read Bohdan’s inspiring story of resilience and hope.

Maria's story. Two sets of hands clasped together.
Moving on

Maria’s story

Maria is a trans woman from El Salvador, she recently received the right to work and is working in a cancer ward support role.

Democratic Republic of the Congo street

Eric’s Story

Eric knew that if he stayed in the DRC, he would either kill himself or be killed. So, he made the heart-breaking decision to leave behind everything he knew – his loved ones, his career and his identity – to begin a new life in the UK.

Moving on

Estelle’s Story

Refugee Action spoke to Estelle, a volunteer Asylum Guide, who trained as part of their Navigating Asylum Partnerships project, funded by Comic Relief. This is Estelle’s story.

Moving on

Ericky’s Story

Refugee Action spoke to Ericky, a volunteer Asylum Guide, who trained as part of their Navigating Asylum Partnerships project, funded by Comic Relief. This is Ericky’s story.

Table Mountain
Social inclusion

Pearlgin’s Story

Pearlgin, a non-binary South African Zulu lesbian, has had a convoluted and traumatic journey to the UK, but has still managed to grow into self-respect and pride.

Savannas story
Social inclusion

Savanna’s story

This is Savanna’s story, a Micro Rainbow beneficiary and trans woman from Trinidad and Tobago seeking asylum in the UK.

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Social inclusion

Jon and Marbilla’s story

The story of Jon and Marbilla’s journey to a Micro Rainbow safe house as Saudi LGBTQI asylum seekers.

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The Invisible Women

On the occasion of International Women’s Week, Micro Rainbow announces a project dedicated to supporting LBTI asylum seeking and refugee women.

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From detention to Micro Rainbow’s housing

Issues faced by LGBTQI migrants in UK detention centres and how Micro Rainbow could be an Alternative to Detention (ATD) for many people who are at risk of violence and abuse.

Lady with a gold lamp

June’s story

This is the story of June, a lesbian from China who was trafficked into the UK and is now hoping to gain asylum.

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Social inclusion

Muhammad’s story

Muhammad’s inspiring story follows his journey from Pakistan to the UK, the hurdles he has faced along the way, and the comfort he has found in Micro Rainbow’s social inclusion programme.

Rainbow Heart
Moving on

Rahim’s story

Rahim shares his inspiring experience of how, after over a year of destitution and homelessness, Micro Rainbow’s moving on programme helped him get his foot in the door of a major UK retail company.


Alana’s story

Alana shares her experience of leaving her own country, claiming asylum in the UK, finding safety with Micro Rainbow’s housing and moving on to a bright future.

Rainbow Hands

Kaira and Muhammed’s stories

Success stories of Kaira, an intersex asylum seeker from a Latin American country and Muhammed, a gay asylum seeker from Bangladesh

Cataleya in a MRI home

Cataleya’s story

From sleeping rough on the streets of London to finally finding safety in an Micro Rainbow safe house

Social inclusion

Angela’s story

Angela’s story highlights the need for social inclusion and empowerment of LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees

Sista Sista meeting
Social inclusion

How Sista Sista tackles poverty of LBT women

Sara is a lesbian refugee from Uganda. When she was outed as lesbian, she was removed from education, beaten, humiliated and ultimately forced into a marriage with an older man.

Case study
Moving on

Lesbian refugee from Nigeria

“It is hard to survive in the UK when you don’t have a job, you don’t have friends with jobs, and your family members hate you because you are lesbian.”