Job and volunteering opportunities

Work with us!

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Volunteering to promote the visibility of the specific obstacles faced by LGBTQI people living in repressive regimes is power. Be it your voice, your vote, your retweetyour share, or your time please know that you are helping Micro Rainbow to fill the next 21 year-old gay man escaping the death penalty in Yemen with hope, and the next trans person from Uganda, out of homelessness.

We are in particular need of the following volunteer positions:

  • Translators/Interpreters:
    • Albanian
    • Amharic
    • Arabic
    • Bengali
    • Farsi
    • Fulani
    • Kurdish
    • Kyrgyz
    • Maninka
    • Otjiherero
    • Spanish
    • Ukrainian
    • Urdu
    • Yoruba
    • Dari
    • Pashto
  • Counsellors

If you wish to volunteer at Micro Rainbow’s next conference appearance, host a fundraising party in your home, or just share an encouraging message please contact us.

Job vacancies

We currently do not have any job vacancies. To hear about such opportunities, please subscribe to Micro Rainbow’s newsletter.

Sessional trainers

Please see the Sessional trainer Job Description and Person Specification. To apply please email your CV and a covering letter to [email protected]. The covering letter should address the following four points:

  1. Please explain any relevant training experience you have.
  2. Using examples, please tell us how you effectively facilitate a group of people and how you manage challenging conversations in these settings.
  3. Please share any experience you may have in relation to LGBTQI migrants/asylum and housing.
  4. What do you think would be your biggest challenge as a trainer in helping our audiences to be more inclusive of LGBTQI migrants?   

Deadline for applications is 31st October 2022.

Dance Ambassador opportunity for LGBTQI refugee or asylum seeker

Micro Rainbow is looking for two dance ambassadors for its Body and Movement programme!
The aim of the ambassador role is to help promote the programme to other LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers and to people interested in supporting Micro Rainbow’s work.
The dance ambassadors are required to:

  • Regularly attend the body and movement sessions,
  • Gather and give feedback on the sessions to the Creative Team and programme Evaluator,
  • Meet with the Micro Rainbow Communications Manager to generate content from the sessions,
  • Meet with the Creative Team and contribute to the design of the programme sessions and creative intensives.

The role is for 6 months. It is not a paid role, but the ambassadors’ travel and food expenses will be paid for all meetings and sessions attended. 

Interested? Get in touch on [email protected] and let us know why you would like to be a Micro Rainbow Dance Ambassador and how you would perform the role.