Social inclusion

Reducing the extreme isolation faced by LGBTQI people

The number of trans people who were murdered across 62 countries between 2008 and 2014 (TGEU)

Family rejection is the number one issue that LGBTQI people face (Micro Rainbow beneficiaries)


The percentage of pupils who are bullied for being LGBTQI in the UK (Stonewall)

Why we provide social inclusion activities

LGBTQI refugees are still rejected by their families and communities even in the UK. They become extremely isolated, without enough social safety nets and opportunities in life. They live at the margins of society, often in environments that expose them to increased abuse and violence.

About our social inclusion programme

Our social inclusion programme aims to build friendships and reduce the extreme isolation faced by LGBTQI refugees, to strengthen communities where networks are fragile. 

We currently deliver social inclusion activities in London, Birmingham, Leeds and Cardiff. 

Please note that there is often a limit on the number of people that can attend the social inclusion sessions. Please email our social inclusion team at [email protected] to organise an induction session to allow you to sign up to the activities, for more information and to receive details of future sessions in your area.

At Micro Rainbow you can access

One-to-one support

For LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers to come along for a coffee and chat, we can make an appointment for you. This service does not give legal asylum advice but does provide emotional support while going through the asylum process.

Weather the Storm

A regular peer support group for LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees. The emphasis of this group is on using creative expression to overcome stigma and isolation. Activities include:

  • Group outings to the theatre and local museums. 
  • Mindfulness workshops: experienced healthcare professionals support LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees to improve their life skills and deal with past trauma, stress and anxiety.
  • Body and movement workshops: Fearghus Ó Conchúir, Takeshi Matsumoto and Stephanie Schober are internationally acclaimed choreographers and work together to deliver dance workshops for us every month, in Birmingham, London and Cardiff. A stress buster and working with music and the body to create a feel-good factor. Get a taste of the body and movement workshops in the video below and on this page.

A monthly peer support group for LBTQI women including those who have suffered gender-based violence with the goal of reclaiming the mind and body.

A regular peer support group for anyone who identifies as trans, non binary, gender fluid, agender, or anything else under the trans+ umbrella. Come along, meet other people in the Micro Rainbow community and chat about your experiences. 

Stay informed

Please email [email protected] to be informed of these opportunities and more.

Success stories

LVW website (1)

Lesbian Visibility Week 2024

This Lesbian Visibility Week, read about Queen from Nigeria, and her journey to acceptance after coming to the UK.

Latest updates

LVW website (1)

Lesbian Visibility Week 2024

This Lesbian Visibility Week, read about Queen from Nigeria, and her journey to acceptance after coming to the UK.

Runners from Wesley Gryk and Micro Rainbow at the Pride Run

Summer round up

Summer round of some the many activities that Micro Rainbow’s community has participated in over the last few months.

Trans rainbow (1)

Pride: The right to be safe and to be yourself

For Pride month, we have come together with Rainbow Migration and Refugee Action to highlight the voices of LGBTQI people who have refugee status or are seeking protection in the UK.

Cy Twombly, Untitled (Bacchus), taken on a Sista Sista trip to the Tate

Women’s History Month

This Women’s History Month, Micro Rainbow’s LBTQI Women’s Outreach Officer talks about her role supporting LBTQI women.

Royal Court theatre with Sound of the Underground in lights

Trip to Sound of the Underground

In February we were invited to attend a showing of Travis Alabanza’s Sound of the Underground at the Royal Court theatre

People playing guitar at sunset

I found a family

A moving account of the power of our social inclusion programme creating connections, safety nets & friends for life, like family.

Table Mountain

Pearlgin’s Story

Pearlgin, a non-binary South African Zulu lesbian, has had a convoluted and traumatic journey to the UK, but has still managed to grow into self-respect and pride.

Savannas story

Savanna’s story

This is Savanna’s story, a Micro Rainbow beneficiary and trans woman from Trinidad and Tobago seeking asylum in the UK.

Backs of two people

Jon and Marbilla’s story

The story of Jon and Marbilla’s journey to a Micro Rainbow safe house as Saudi LGBTQI asylum seekers.

Immersed in movement and art at the Tate Exchange

Immersed in movement and art at the Tate Exchange

The Tate Exchange was host to Micro Rainbow’s social inclusion programme in Spring 2019 giving LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees the chance to create dance inspired by the world-famous artwork all around them.

Rainbow Flag with Bikes

Muhammad’s story

Muhammad’s inspiring story follows his journey from Pakistan to the UK, the hurdles he has faced along the way, and the comfort he has found in Micro Rainbow’s social inclusion programme.


Angela’s story

Angela’s story highlights the need for social inclusion and empowerment of LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees

Sista Sista meeting

How Sista Sista tackles poverty of LBT women

Sara is a lesbian refugee from Uganda. When she was outed as lesbian, she was removed from education, beaten, humiliated and ultimately forced into a marriage with an older man.