Sista Sista

Support Group for LBTI asylum seeking women and refugees.

This is a support group for LBTI Women who have experienced any forms of violence and abuse due to their sexuality, and/or gender identity. This group’s aim is to help women overcome the impact of gender-based violence, cope with changes, reduce isolation, make friends and assist with integrating into a new life. This project is delivered in partnership with the MRI Foundation.

We support women to: 

  • rebuild their lives
  • explore skills to build the relationship they deserve and desire
  • handling transitions
  • setting goals
  • planning for the future.

We offer a safe space to share your voice in a supportive environment.

Topics will include: 

  • personal values
  • sex and sexuality
  • our bodies
  • emotions
  • community
  • culture and more

Join us for a range of activities including outings, tours and discussions.

To understand how you could benefit from this group, please see the case study of Sara, a lesbian refugee from Uganda.

* Monthly Meetings

Starts at 6.00pm – Finishes at 8.00pm

@Micro Rainbow 7-14 Great Dover Street, London, SE1 4YR

* Our Group is confidential, free and available to all LBTI asylum seeking women and refugees.

If you want to attend or to know more about the group, please email us or phone us.

Facilitator: Shirley-Ann


For any social inclusion enquiries please email