We marched at Pride in London!

Micro Rainbow returned to Pride in 2023! We were joined by residents from our safe houses all over the country.
Micro Rainbow banner - Safe housing for LGBTQI refugees

In 2023, we marched alongside LGBTQI asylum seekers in the Micro Rainbow community at the 51st Pride in London! We were joined by people from across the UK – many of whom live in our safe housing for LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers.

This year’s campaign for Pride in London was Never March Alone. The campaign highlights the power, beauty and celebration of standing together with our trans siblings and to champion trans and non-binary allyship. Trans and non-binary people face increasing amounts of hatred in the UK and abroad. The campaign centred and celebrated trans people during Pride, highlighting their importance to the LGBTQI community. We were joined by many trans members of Micro Rainbow, who proudly marched with trans and rainbow flags on the day.

We were also proud to march alongside LGBTQI asylum seekers hailing from countries all over the world. For most in the group, it was their very first Pride march. Taking part in a Pride march would be unthinkable – and extremely dangerous – in their home countries. Being able to march proudly with other people from the LGBTQI community is meaningful, joyful and transformative. You can read some of the of the experiences from our community in the quotes further down in this piece.

Finally, we supported in the march by volunteers from Wilsons Solicitors LLP and Wesley Gryk LLP – thank you for your help on the day and for your continuing support of Micro Rainbow!


“Being a first pride march and not having had the chance to attend one last year since arriving in the UK, I was anxious to attend this event this year and Micro Rainbow came through at the right time through a friend who referred me to the link. It was a surreal moment and I will live to re-live and cherish this day everyday onwards and meeting others in the march humanised my being and my personal journeys to here. I am looking forward to another Pride March for myself and for those who can not legally march in our different countries. The people who came to support made it even more special by showing all kinds of validating and affirmative gestures all the way to end.”

“It was a wonderful day for me. I was very happy to be able to be myself and walk among people. I felt wonderful and I am still happy and thank you”
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Fawad, gay man asylum seeker from Afghanistan
“[Marching in Pride with Micro Rainbow] gave my heart joy and safety”
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Amal, trans woman asylum seeker from Saudi Arabia
“I was excited, [marching in Pride] was very good and I felt freedom”
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Trans woman from Iraq, living in Micro Rainbow safe housing
“Taking part in pride I felt complete celebrating not only who I am, but celebrating the love for the LGBTQI community which I have embraced. It was my first time marching with Micro Rainbow and I was feeling proud to shout and show off how amazing Micro Rainbow is for supporting LGBTQI asylum seekers despite the negative stereotypes that are being spread.”
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Sam, gay man living in Micro Rainbow safe housing for LGBTQI asylum seekers
“It was an amazing and unique experience for me as I participated in the Pride Walk for the first time. I was nervous at first, but then I saw that there is such a great community that supports and encourages us. Give me the strength to be proud of myself and overcome my fears. Thank you, Micro Rainbow, for giving me the opportunity to share with them. This will not be the last time I participate in Pride thanks to micro Rainbow. It opened up horizons that I never imagined I would be able to cross.”
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John, gay man seeking asylum in the UK

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