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We are specialists in UK immigration and nationality law. We help individuals, families, businesses and organisations find their way through the complexities of the British immigration and nationality system. We are proud to improve our clients’ futures with life changing law.


There are parts of the world where individuals are at risk of serious harm because of their religion, race, political opinions, gender or sexual identity. If you are in the UK and you fear harm or a violation of your human rights in your home country, you may be able to seek refuge here. We can guide you through the UK’s asylum and human rights system.

We have particular and long-standing expertise with asylum claims on the basis of sexual identity. We are affiliated with UKLGIG, and often receive referrals from specialist charities and campaign groups. We have successfully assisted clients from many parts of the world, including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, Libya, Iran, Pakistan, Uganda and others.

We also have a strong record of obtaining refugee status on the grounds of political opinion and religious belief, particularly for clients from Africa and South and Central Asia.

We can help you to prepare your claim, attend your asylum interview with you, and prepare evidence and legal arguments on your behalf in support of your claim.

If your asylum claim has been refused, we can help you to prepare your appeal, or assist you in making a fresh claim.


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