Become an ally

Become an ally, make a donation to help provide safe housing for asylum seekers based on their sexuality, gender identity or intersex status.

In 76 countries homosexuality is illegal. About 1,500 LGBTQI refugees from those countries come to the UK every year. When they come to the UK they are still not safe.

Like June, a lesbian from China, and Muhammad, a gay man from Pakistan. Because of their sexuality, they:

  • were abused in refugee accommodation by other homophobic refugees
  • became homeless and depressed
  • were rejected by their ethnic community and lived in poverty and isolation

Trans people often face even more extreme violence.

Become an Ally​

Providing LGBTQI refugees with a safe space to live is essential, but it is not the whole solution to integration. It is also essential to create opportunities for training and employment and to reduce isolation. With your support, Micro Rainbow will provide such opportunities.

As one of our Allies, every year you will contribute to pay:

  • for emergency accommodation for those LGBTQI people who are street homeless and in urgent need of housing. It costs £25 to provide one night of emergency housing;
  • some of the utility bills for providing safe housing for an LGBTQI person seeking safety. It costs £20 a month to pay for gas and electricity for each person we house and £50 a month to pay for all utilities and bills;
  • for transport for a refugee to attend Micro Rainbow’s employability workshops or job interviews. It costs up to £10 per person to create such opportunity.

To become an Ally, choose a donation plan that suits you:

Regular donation plans

One-off donations

If you want to support Micro Rainbow but you cannot commit to a regular donation, you can make a one-off donation in:

£ One-off
$ One-off

If you want to send us a cheque or pay by bank transfer, please email us.

Thank you for supporting LGBTQI equality!

The Micro Rainbow team


NB. Micro Rainbow does not provide immigration advice on asylum, binational same-sex relationships, citizenship etc. If you need legal advice, please contact one of our affiliated law firms.