Our impact for 2023

2023 was a huge year for Micro Rainbow. Read our impact report to learn about the difference we made.
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2023’s impact report shows that Micro Rainbow’s holistic approach to integration is reaching more LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers than ever: a staggering 1182 people were supported with intensive one-to-one case work in 2023, a 36% increase on the previous year.  


We will explain our impact according to our Theory of Change and the three pillars of our holistic approach.


Supporting LGBTQI asylum seekers access safe housing is at the core of what we do at Micro Rainbow. With this programme our goal is to reduce homelessness and violence often experienced by LGBTQI migrants in housing. We do that through direct housing provision and by working with hosting schemes when our capacity is full. We are proud to have opened four more safe houses in 2023. This increased our direct housing provision by 20% reaching 29,930 bed nights per year. As a result, even more vulnerable LGBTQI asylum seekers can live in housing that is inclusive, safe, and welcoming.

SAFE HOUSES +4 safe houses opened in 2023. 21 safe houses in total
SAFE BED NIGHTS 29,930 +20% from 2022

Quality and specialist housing has a transformational impact on feelings of security and safety. In 2023, 85% of people supported by Micro Rainbow reported improved feelings of safety. We are proud of this life changing achievement, however our housing waiting list is still too long and that is why we will continue to expand this programme in 2024.

Social inclusion

Providing LGBTQI asylum seekers with safe housing is crucial but not enough to support them in their integration journey. With the social inclusion programme our goal is to increase LGBTQI asylum seekers and refugees sense of belonging, confidence and self-esteem. These goals are particularly challenging, but perhaps even more important when living within a hostile environment where LGBTQI migrants often feel unwanted and scapegoated.

Micro Rainbow offered 148 workshops, events, and activities in 2023, a 20% increase from 2022. Social inclusion activities and workshops are designed to reduce the isolation LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers can face in the UK. They range from yoga and dance, to theatre trips, arts and crafts and life skills workshops. Participants benefited from increased feelings of self-worth, and 68% experienced improved feelings of belonging.

Moving on

The moving on programme offers tailored support to refugees in improving their employability skills, accessing education and permanent housing.  The long-term goal of this programme is economic empowerment of LGBTQI refugees leading to people taking back control of their lives. In 2023, 92% of the refugees participating in the moving on programme felt better able to access healthcare and benefits, try new things, access community services, write a CV and covering letter, find a job and make a plan of action. This programme is often delivered in partnership with corporates who volunteer their time and skills and donate much needed financial resources.

WORKSHOPS 148; +20% more than 2022, tackling social isolation and improving employability
Improvements: 92% felt more independent. 68% felt an increased sense of belonging; 57% felt increased self-esteem

Did you know?

COUNTRIES the top 3 countries that people we support hail from are Iran, Iraq and Saudia Arabia
LANGUAGES: apart from English, our top three working languages are Arabic, Farsi and Spanish
DEMOGRAPHICS; 21% of the UK refugee population are women. 35% of our beneficiaries identify as women
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Increased capacity, more demand

2023 saw the expansion of Micro Rainbow’s work into Wales. We now have two team members based in Wales, and the successful body and movement programme started in Cardiff in September 2023. LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers in Wales are now able to experience the benefits of Micro Rainbow’s holistic programme of support.

Happily, Micro Rainbow welcomed three new staff members in 2023. These increased capacity was crucial in expanding Micro Rainbow’s ability to offer support and deliver exciting and impactful programming to 36% more beneficiaries.

However, we are facing several challenges: from the increased cost of living, to the increased in energy prices and the hostile environment. These additional resources will help Micro Rainbow continue to support LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers into 2024, but they will not be enough to sustain the 2023 high numbers, or expand our services to meet the full demand. We need to open more safe houses, run more social inclusion activities and provide more employability support. To do that we need more funding. If you are as impressed as we are with the impact that our work delivers in changing LGBTQI lives, please become an ally today and support us through 2024.