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The second Trinnovo session focused on interview skills and contracts - find out how beneficial this was for attendees.
Trinnovo contracts

Trinnovo Group returned to Micro Rainbow in February to deliver the final two workshops of the Moving On employability programme. These followed on from the CV and LinkedIn masterclasses, and delved into interview skills, contracts, and job applications.

Micro Rainbow works with third and private sector partners like Trinnovo to deliver employability workshops that empower LGBTQI refugees and people seeking asylum to rebuild their confidence and acquire new skills. Refugees and asylum seekers have often spent a significant amount of time out of work while they wait for their right to work. These workshops help to rebuild the confidence and networks of LGBTQI refugees and people seeking asylum.

Interview skills

Finally, after many applications, you have secured a job interview. But perhaps in your country you only need a CV or an application to secure a job, or to have your references checked. How does an interview work in the UK and how do you need to prepare?

Part of these workshops were focused on demystifying the interview process for attendees, and incorporated crucial interviews practise. A key skill for interviews in the UK is answering questions using the STAR technique. All the attendees were unfamiliar with this technique, and found the time spent role playing and practising it particularly useful:

“Some of us are really shy because of everything we have faced and been through, which makes it hard to speak up and do interviews and presentations. These sorts of training really help to build our confidence and feel like we can move on and get a job.”

Dumisiwe, gay man from Zimbabwe.

Getting to speak to recruiters

Being able to talk to and gain insights from people working in recruitment was invaluable for participants. Bohdan, is a gay man and refugee from Ukraine. He worked as a doctor in Kyiv until he was forced to leave in 2023. Bohdan found it particularly useful to speak to and get advice from recruiters:

“I was able to see the employment process from the perspective of the recruiters – Trinnovo told me about what recruiters are looking for from applicants. I learned about the points that I need to hit in my applications in order to get an interview.”

It was the same for Vitalii, also a gay refugee from Ukraine. He found the sessions useful to learn about the differences between applying for and securing jobs in the UK in comparison to Ukraine:

“I found the session really useful in finding out what employers want in the UK, it’s very different to Ukraine. We don’t do cover letters in Ukraine so this was new to me. Instead, recruitment would call you and you have a discussion over telephone”

Contracts, tax and employment law

One standout element of the sessions was the section addressing employment contracts, law and paying tax. For some of the attendees, this was brand new information, and paying tax a novel concept. So too some of the rights employees have under law – such annual leave, sick and compassionate leave.

Dumisiwe from Zimbabwe, said:

“I have felt my confidence increase as I have attended the sessions. I had a lot of questions to ask about tax, and the advice and information we were given about this was really helpful”.

There was also time to talk about employment fraud, especially money mules who target vulnerable people. LGBTQI refugees are frequently targeted as part of this scam, which can seem very low effort, but involves laundering money for criminals. Victims can then be locked out of their bank accounts and find that their credit history is severely impacted.

Expert advice on interview skills and making new connections

Refugees and asylum seekers frequently face other obstacles like low confidence and low self-esteem, and loneliness. Many of the LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers Micro Rainbow works with have been rejected by family members. They might also have experienced rejection by fellow co-nationals and places of faith. Often, they can be quite isolated and don’t have access to networks that can help them secure employment.

Employability workshops with external organisations are an opportunity to create networks with recruiters and companies, as well as with other people in the Micro Rainbow community. For Bohdan and Mergen, this was an important outcome of the sessions:

“I found the session brilliant and super helpful. This is the first Micro Rainbow event I have come to, and the best thing is the connections I have made with the trainers and other people on the workshop.”

Bohdan found being able to actually speak to recruiters invaluable:

“I was able to see the employment process from the perspective of the recruiters – Trinnovo told me about what recruiters are looking for from applicants. I learned about the points that I need to hit in my applications in order to get an interview”.

Perspective on the day

Workshops like these are hugely impactful for participants – but they are valuable for the trainers also:

“Taking part in the workshop with the team at Micro Rainbow was such an inspiring and impactful experience. In empowering others to navigate challenges, discover their strengths, pursue their dreams, and understand their rights in the workplace, we are supporting with building fulfilling careers. I look forward to joining the team again for the next workshop!”

Marita Harper, HR Partner at Trinnovo Group

If you would like to work with Micro Rainbow help to support LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers to move into employment – get in touch on [email protected]. We have a range of opportunities that employers can engage with that suits the needs of your organisation and LGBTQI refugees and asylum seekers.

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