Who’s gonna love me now?

Whos Gonna Love Me Now

On the 12th of June, the MRI LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees choir joined the members of several LGBT networks at Credit Suisse to watch the film “Who’s gonna love me now?”. The film follows Saar Maoz who arrived in the UK after being kicked out of his religious Kibbutz. Following the highs and lows that accompanied his newfound freedom Saar discovered an alternative family with The London Gay Men’s Chorus.

Speaking before the event, MRI UK’s Project Manager, Moud Goba, discussed the challenges and issues LGBTI asylums seekers and refugees face. She said that most of the refugees MRI works with would identify with Saar’s experience of isolation. She spoke about the challenges refugees face such as rejection from families and co-nationals, depression and other mental health issues, low confidence, poverty and homelessness.

To conclude the evening, after the film screening, instead of singing for the audience, the MRI choir engaged with the audience and they sang together. MRI’s dedicated choir leader Ellie Moran, taught the audience a snappy Congolese song. This event was a great collaboration and raised awareness of MRI’s work with a wide audience.

MRI would like to thank Adolfo Burgo and the team at Credit Suisse for their support and invite to the event.


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