Rainbow Hands

Kaira and Muhammed’s stories

Success stories of Kaira, an intersex asylum seeker from a Latin American country and Muhammed, a gay asylum seeker from Bangladesh

Cataleya in a MRI home

Cataleya’s story

From sleeping rough on the streets of London to finally finding safety in an Micro Rainbow safe house

Social inclusion

Angela’s story

Angela’s story highlights the need for social inclusion and empowerment of LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees

Sista Sista meeting
Social inclusion

How Sista Sista tackles poverty of LBT women

Sara is a lesbian refugee from Uganda. When she was outed as lesbian, she was removed from education, beaten, humiliated and ultimately forced into a marriage with an older man.

Case study
Economic empowerment & advocacy

Lesbian refugee from Nigeria

“It is hard to survive in the UK when you don’t have a job, you don’t have friends with jobs, and your family members hate you because you are lesbian.”

Thoughts of a Jamaican, a lesbian, and a refugee in the UK
Social inclusion

Thoughts of a Jamaican, a lesbian, and a refugee in the UK

commemorate Refugee Week by giving a voice to some of the thoughts that LGBTI refugees often have but do not always have the courage to express for fear of being seen as ungrateful towards the country that gave them safety or of being judged.