Tackling homelessness of LGBTI asylum seekers

Micro Rainbow opens a new safe home in the London area
Dining room with rainbow flag

In September 2018 Micro Rainbow opened the fifth safe home for LGBTI asylum seekers in the UK. This follows a successful pilot launched in October 2017. Micro Rainbow now operates three safe homes in the London area and two in Birmingham and the West Midlands. In total we can provide up to 7,300 bed-nights a year.

    Why is safe housing important?

    LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees are victims of persecution and violence because of their sexual or gender identity or intersex status. They come from countries such as Algeria, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Pakistan, Uganda and Zimbabwe where homo/trans sexuality is criminalised. They have been subjected to harassment, imprisonment, forced marriage, rape, trafficking, gender-based and sexuality-based violence, and domestic violence.

    In the UK, the stress of reliving their traumatic experiences whilst claiming asylum, together with the discrimination they experience as refugees, has increased their low self-esteem and lack of confidence.

    LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees continue to suffer from the trauma caused by their experiences in their home countries, as well as face additional challenges in the UK.

    One of these challenges is homelessness. LGBTI asylum seekers are often not safe when placed in housing with people from their home countries, or those people whose religious and cultural backgrounds hold extreme homophobic and transphobic views. They have reported being bullied and assaulted by other refugees with whom they share accommodation. They often prefer homelessness to facing this violence which exposes them to further situations of abuse and violence. This is why Micro Rainbow’s safe housing project is so critical. In Micro Rainbow’s experience the abuse that LGBTI asylum seekers face in accommodation pushes many to become homeless at a point in life when they need as much support as possible to secure their right to stay in the UK and be safe. This innovative project has the support of the Home Office and we look forward to engaging with them even further to ensure safety of LGBTI asylum seekers.

    What you can do to help

    You can support homeless LGBTI asylum seekers in

    If you choose to become an ally this is what you will

    Whichever way you choose to support us (even if you can’t do it right now) we feel privileged to be able to rely on your solidarity. Our work makes much more sense when we know that we are supported by our community: THANK YOU!


    For any housing enquiries please email


    For any housing enquiries please email