Using creativity to heal the mind, body and heart

Using creativity to heal the mind, body and heart

Now We Are Here20160701_033917 tells the stories of Michael, Mir, Desmond and Tammy, four asylum seekers and refugees living in the UK who are LGBTI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex).
Expectations of England, a hoped-for clash with the isolating reality of life in the UK.

Now We Are Here began as a series of Young Vic Taking Part workshops which took place over eight months. Led by director Ian Rickson the workshops were run in partnership with Micro Rainbow International, which works with people seeking asylum in the UK due to persecution because of their sexual and gender identity.


One of Micro Rainbow International projects is to use arts and creativity to heal trauma, address isolation and boost self esteem and confidence below are some thoughts from one of our members who was involved with making the piece. We are incredibly proud of everyone who took part in the workshops and the writers Michael, Mir, Tammy and Desmond.

It’s has been a great personal transformation from the day I walked in at your support group all in terror lacking confidence feeling shame confused and lost.

It had taken team work, your constant correspondence support and guidance.

Above all you introduced us to the young vic project to which I took on thinking was a days support group little did I know we were to produce the great work of art, coming out with an amazing play .Now We Are Here.
Working with young Vic has fully lifted my confidence levels and built a strong bond and it has healed my past to realise am not alone in pain and struggling with survival.
I have engaged in several talk campaign at homeoffice and primary schools in North London and was a main speaker at East Anglia university talking about communication and how vital it is to professionals working with refugees and migrants who have face persecution and torture in the past.
All is due to the support the group has given me thanks for all your team Jill and may this continue to bless and impact change to embrace any one and every one as human being with same and equal opportunities.
My mind soul and heart is in the right place right now before I would be in tears and feeling very low .
Thank you Jill and the entire Team at Micro Rainbow International.

Michael Mugishangyezi.

Some quotes below from our Allies:

The play was both moving and enlightening. I was particularly impressed by the actress playing the Jamaican lesbian. Her performance was a real tour de force and I was really struck by the degree of emotion displayed.

Ana Gonzalez, Wilson Solicitors LL

For me, Tamara’s story brought home the frightening reality of being a lesbian in Jamaica, while remaining, at heart, a love story. It was, for this reason, very powerful drama.

Barry O’Leary, Wesley Gryk Solicitors LLP


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